Accounts piling up, nothing getting paid on time?

If you have accounts piling up and nothing is getting paid on time, this could reflect negatively on the payment profile on your CREDIT REPORT at the CREDIT BUREAUS or the lack of payment may be listed as DEFAULT. This could lead to a COURT JUDGEMENT against your name.

How will this affect you?

  • You will not be able to open accounts
  • You will not have access to loans
  • It could impact on your ability to find employment.

CREDIT CLEAR, with over 20 years of experience in ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION CREDIT REHABILITATION, is well positioned to help you get your life back on track.

Why use Credit Clear?

Credit Clear will assist you in:

What does Credit Clear do?

  • Credit Clear removes the hassle out of all the processes involved for you in a very hostile environment
  • Credit Clear works tirelessly to ensure that you are not prejudiced, embarrassed or burdened with difficult negotiations
  • Credit Clear’s participation has the effect that the creditor also benefits from the process.
  • Credit Clear reduces the burden of costly meetings with attorneys
  • Credit Clear offers firm, knowledgeable and up to date legal guidance regarding alternative dispute resolution credit rehabilitation.
  • Credit Clear maintains positive relationships with all the major institutions, retailers and other credit grantors to ensure that they can lodge the necessary disputes and negotiate the very best settlement deal for our clients.
  • Credit Clear offers assistance with budgets, credit report assessments, debt negotiation, repayment negotiation, disputes such as prescription, In duplum, fraud, Section 111 disputes, Section 129 letters, Emoluments Attachment Orders (Garnishee Orders) and Credit Bureau accuracies. 



“It is an honour for me to have received excellent service from Credit Clear. They have customer service skills. Keep up the good work and all the best”

Constance Letjoko



The Process

  1. Make Contact
  2. Sign up and pay your registration fee
  3. CREDIT CLEAR analyses your profile
  4. CREDIT CLEAR contacts your creditors
  5. CREDIT CLEAR conducts settlement negotiations
  6. CREDIT CLEAR resolves disputes through alternative dispute resolution
  7. CREDIT CLEAR upgrades your Credit Report
  8. You celebrate your Financial Freedom
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Credit Clear is aware of the malicious rumours and inaccurate statements that are being made on social media regarding Credit Clear.

The source of this unfounded “fake news” are former disgruntled staff, who agreed to legal extended layoff periods as a consequence of COVID 19. 

Credit Clear is operational and dealing with clients on a daily basis, assisting them to re-habilitate their credit worthiness.

Last month 1,700 matters were cleared, giving opportunity to our clients to engage in the economy on an equal footing.

We are proud of this achievement and can assure you that we continue to offer all of our services.