ADR refers to any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom.  ADR serves as a means of identifying disputes, developing options, considering alternatives with the aims of reaching amicable agreements between parties in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Effective negotiation will result in a settlement suitable to both parties without creditor’s having to resort to legal action which will add extra cost to you.

Once you have registered, your profile will be analysed. Thereafter your creditors will be contacted in order to begin negotiations regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution alternatives. Once settlement has been reached and outstanding debt has been settled, your credit report will be upgraded and you can celebrate your financial freedom. This is a process and depending on the level on indebtedness, will take time to achieve.

Each situation is unique so each account will have specific requirements. The time the process takes will be dependent on these requirements. Our reputation is built on the fact that we have good relations with numerous credit providers that allows us to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

CREDIT CLEAR will not be able to finalise your credit rehabilitation until all services are paid for in full.

We are Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents, which allows us to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors. CREDIT CLEAR does not pay your creditors but we will indeed provide you with payment options, i.e. debit orders, eft, direct deposits, as well as the banking details of the creditor to enable you to make payments directly to the creditors once negotiations have been finalised

There is a once off registration fee of R1,888.00 that allows us to obtain your credit report, analyse your profile and to advise you on how CREDIT CLEAR can assist you in regaining your financial freedom.

Additional fees will depend on the specific requirements of your account. All additional fees are matter specific and are dependent on what is required to rehabilitate your credit worthiness. Our services are listed on the Services page.

A 10% discount is offered where it is possible for you to make full payment to CREDIT CLEAR.

Alternatively, easy affordable monthly instalments are offered.

If the full process of upgrading your credit status continues after service fees have been paid in full, a nominal administration fee of R130.00 per month is charged. This covers the cost of CREDIT CLEAR maintaining contact with your creditors to ensure that the repayment process stays up to date as well as providing you with continuous feedback.

CREDIT CLEAR is not a credit provider and does not offer loans or consolidated loans.

Remember, it is illegal to apply for a loan while you are blacklisted or have a debt review against your name.



“Kindly pass this message to everyone who contributed towards helping me clear my name form Credit Bureau. It has been a long journey since we met and I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to Credit Clear staff for helping me to clear my name from Credit Bureau. Thanks a million, the service I received as excellent and rated 10/10!”

Ntuthoko Nyoka