Credit Clear Services

Credit Analysis

CREDIT CLEAR draws reports form the three credit bureaus in order to conduct a full credit analysis.


Your accounts will be analysed by CREDIT CLEAR to ensure that they meet all legal requirements. If there are circumstances where accounts do not meet legal requirements, CREDIT CLEAR will raise a dispute with the creditor on your behalf.

Updating of Credit Records to restore creditworthiness

CREDIT CLEAR will ensure paid-up defaults and judgments are removed, as well as having payment profiles updated and removed to reflect the correct status of your creditworthiness. In this way, you will be financially free to apply for credit.

Alternative Dispute Resolution through Mediation

In accordance with the National Credit Act, CREDIT CLEAR rebuilds and repairs the relationship between you and your creditors by acting as an impartial and independent middleman.

Direct reporting to the Ombudsman

CREDIT CLEAR will refer any unresolved disputes, to the relevant Ombudsman for investigation and ruling where applicable.

Expungement of Criminal Records

If you have a criminal record older than 10 years and falling within certain crimes (petty crimes), we can assist them in having these criminal records expunged and removed.

Monthly instalment settlements with Creditors

CREDIT CLEAR will undertake to make contact with your creditors to arrange for affordable monthly payments. This has the added advantage of stopping legal proceedings if you maintain your obligations with your creditors. These arrangements are dependent on many factors and cannot be guaranteed.

Reduced settlement negotiations with Creditors

Our experience and relationships with many major credit providers allows CREDIT CLEAR to negotiate settlement discounts in certain instances. This is dependent on many factors and cannot be guaranteed.

Disputed Debt Reviews

CREDIT CLEAR can assist in investigating Debt Reviews if you have previously “cancelled” your Debt Review.

Emolument Attachments and Administration Order calculations and over-payments and removals

Where Emolument Attachment Orders (Garnishee Orders) or Administration Orders are not cancelled after being paid up CREDIT CLEAR will contact the relevant representatives to get a statement and check that the monies claimed and paid do not exceed the amounts legally claimable. In addition, CREDIT CLEAR will ensure that your employer is informed and the Emolument Attachment is cancelled. The same applies to Administration Orders, where the relevant Court documents have been provided to rescind the order at Court and from the Credit Bureaus. CREDIT CLEAR has a proud record of getting refunds from creditors and/or administrators where over-payments have been made.



“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and kind assistance in obtaining paid up letters from the creditors that I settled and guiding me through the process. Your assistance was invaluable and always informative when needed.”

Vanessa Killian